What is Trypanophobia? Are you suffering from Trypanophobia?

Are you suffering from Trypanophobia?

What is Trypanophobia?

Trypanophobia is the fear of needles or getting Injected.

For some people, the fear of needles is the biggest obstacle to getting vaccinated. And a study from the University of Michigan found that 16% of adults from several countries avoided annual flu vaccinations because of a fear of needles, and 20% avoided tetanus shots.

How to overcome this fear

Experts and healthcare professionals say it is a problem that can be overcome, whether the fear is keeping you from getting the vaccine or just causing you distress.

The suggested ways are: Seeking out professional help (think therapists) to conquer the phobia, telling the nurse about your fears so that she can reduce the pain, distracting yourself through the process (looking at your favorite YouTube video or listening to your favorite song) and, finally, focusing on the benefits of getting the jab.

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