Risk of Hypertension in Women

Women have started to experience heart problems owing to hypertension early in life which requires limiting your salt intake and incorporating exercise in your life.

Dr. O. P. Yadava (CEO & Chief Cardiac Surgeon, National Heart Institute, New Delhi) explains that the genetic predisposition in South East Asia is of matchstick obesity characterised by thin legs and fat around the belly (visceral fat). Visceral obesity which is common among the genders is the cause of heart ailments, heart attacks, and hypertension, along with associated diseases. However, women consuming oral contraceptives and undergoing hormone replacement therapy have to be especially cautious as they experience increased blood pressure.

He explains that the target blood pressure is subject to change. Initially, it was at 140/90 but both American and European guidelines have now reduced it to 130/80 and experts believe that this needs to be reduced further. It is ideal if the blood pressure of 120/80 is maintained through a healthy lifestyle and not medication. If the blood pressure goes beyond the target, it is termed uncontrolled blood pressure. Its technical definitions are as follows:-

  • Resistant or uncontrolled hypertension is when you are consuming three different groups of medication and despite this, your blood pressure is not within the target range of 130/80
  • Accelerated hypertension wherein your blood pressure is more than 180/120

Dr. O. P. Yadava believes that limiting your salt intake and exercising regularly is essential to keep your blood pressure within the target range. He impresses the importance of a balanced blood pressure to prevent heart diseases.


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