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Preparing for a Blood Test

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Talk with your doctor. You need to know about the specific blood tests your doctor is ordering. Some blood tests will require special preparation to get accurate results. For example, fasting Glucose test or lipid profile.

  • Fasting requirement: – 8 to 10 hour is the ideal fasting duration and only allowed to have sips of water.
  • Avoid alcohol:-It is better to avoid alcohol at least for a day of you are going for blood test especially for lipid profile
  • Food interactions:- some test result may shows some variations based on the prior meal ingredients
  • Activities:-  Minimal activities are allowed (Especially for  fasting glucose test you need to keep an overnight fasting so that your body will be under rest.) which will give an accurate result and also the bleeding will be minimal after the venipuncture
  • Hydrate well:- You should drink enough water so that the veins will be prominent for the procedure
  • Manage the stress:- The stress levels should be very minimal so that will receive an accurate report
  • Clarify the doubts regarding the test, report etc with the health care professional
  • Intimate the medical condition; do not prick advice from the doctor (in case of dialysis shunt/breast surgeries) and your current medicine details to the professional so that it will help them to perform the procedure well.
  • Confirm the test name while drawing the sample
  • Sit /lay down in a well lighted area, keep your arms straight on the arm rest or bed.
  • Post to the collection gently press the site with a cotton /never rub the area and attach a spot band aid
  • If in case of pain, reddish or bluish discolorations apply ice packs at least for 5 to 10 minutes for 4 days.  If not healed then consult the doctor.

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