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The Sixth Month

Sixth month of pregnancy

The sixth month is often the best month of pregnancy as a feeling of happiness and contentment shows on the face of the mother. As a mother you are much relaxed now and your body is adapted to pregnancy. If the weight gain has not been constant until now, this is the month when the expectant mother could put on a lot of weight.

There will be a steady weight gain of 500 gm per week, though if the mother was underweight at the start of the pregnancy, she could gain weight even faster.

Changes in the mother

  • The spurt in body weight makes loose fitted clothes more comfortable for the mother to be
  • There might be intolerance to heat and excessive sweating.
  • There might be increased thirst.
  • There may be water retention in the body
  • The areolas become more prominent
  • The baby bump becomes much bigger

Features of the Baby

  • Length: 13 inches
  • Weight:  570 gms
  • The skin has sweat glands
  • Muscles of the arms and legs have developed
  • The baby can cough and hiccup
  • Baby’s eyelids are still sealed
  • Since baby can hear, they develop likes and dislikes for sounds
  • Baby can open and close his mouth and even frown
  • Baby can make a fist and kick and punch
  • Baby has erratic sleeping patterns
  • Baby’s taste buds have started to form
  • The skin is gradually becoming thicker.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Put your feet up as much as possible during the day
  • Continue gentle exercises regularly
  • Practice breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Talk to your doctor regarding breast feeding concerns in case you have flat or inverted nipples
  • Working mothers must ask for a maternity certificate at the clinic.
  • Invest in a good pregnancy bra. Check your size regularly as your breasts will continue to swell throughout pregnancy. If the breasts become very heavy, wear a light weight bra even in the night time.

On the completion of 6 months you are becoming more prepared as a mother. Meet your doctor on the planned visits as he/she is qualified to assess whether your weight gain is appropriate and is going as desired. Examination of the baby through the ultrasound is also beneficial is assessing the growth rate.

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The Fifth Month of pregnancy

Fifth Month of Pregnancy by Famhealth

The Fifth Month of pregnancy by Famhealth

In this month there is maximum growth for the baby, hence maximum weight gain for the mother. The mother can expect to gain about 500gm per week

Changes In The Mother 

  • Skin pigmentation might become darker but will fade post delivery.
  • The breasts may start producing colostrum, a yellowish cloudy substance that nourishes the baby in the initial days. Don’t try to squeeze it and just wipe it away.
  • There might be increase in the vaginal discharge
  • One might experience bleeding gums
  • Increased chances of having aches and pains and back problems.
  • The nipples may become darker
  • The breasts may have increased in size dramatically
  • The top of the womb is level with the navel
  • The faint fluttering inside the abdomen indicates the movements of the baby.

Features of the Baby

  • Length :  25 cm (10 inch)
  • Weight:   340gms
  • Hair appears on the baby’s head.
  • Teeth are developing
  • Vernix, the substance that protects the baby’s skin in the womb forms
  • The baby’s arms and legs are well developed
  • The baby can grip firmly with his hands
  • His legs are in proportion to the rest of the body
  • The baby is very active and the mother must have noticed it as the rise of bubbles.
  • The baby may even react to noises around the womb.


  1. If the mother is feeling well, it is a good idea to take a short holiday now
  2. Wear low heeled shoes
  3. Avoid straining your back and keep your posture straight.
  4. Start thinking about essential clothes and equipments for the baby like a pram, cot etc.
  5. Take adequate coaching on how to protect your back and the correct postures for standing, bending, lifting and working at a low level. It is equally important to get up the correct way after lying down

Question Of The Day

Is a long journey advisable?

Though this is the ideal time to travel, but a long car journey is not that advisable as the back may be strained.  It is advisable to take a break every 2 hours or so and walk around a little bit, it helps in increasing the blood circulation and eases any discomfort. It is also advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

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