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The Fifth Month of pregnancy

Fifth Month of Pregnancy by Famhealth

The Fifth Month of pregnancy by Famhealth

In this month there is maximum growth for the baby, hence maximum weight gain for the mother. The mother can expect to gain about 500gm per week

Changes In The Mother 

  • Skin pigmentation might become darker but will fade post delivery.
  • The breasts may start producing colostrum, a yellowish cloudy substance that nourishes the baby in the initial days. Don’t try to squeeze it and just wipe it away.
  • There might be increase in the vaginal discharge
  • One might experience bleeding gums
  • Increased chances of having aches and pains and back problems.
  • The nipples may become darker
  • The breasts may have increased in size dramatically
  • The top of the womb is level with the navel
  • The faint fluttering inside the abdomen indicates the movements of the baby.

Features of the Baby

  • Length :  25 cm (10 inch)
  • Weight:   340gms
  • Hair appears on the baby’s head.
  • Teeth are developing
  • Vernix, the substance that protects the baby’s skin in the womb forms
  • The baby’s arms and legs are well developed
  • The baby can grip firmly with his hands
  • His legs are in proportion to the rest of the body
  • The baby is very active and the mother must have noticed it as the rise of bubbles.
  • The baby may even react to noises around the womb.


  1. If the mother is feeling well, it is a good idea to take a short holiday now
  2. Wear low heeled shoes
  3. Avoid straining your back and keep your posture straight.
  4. Start thinking about essential clothes and equipments for the baby like a pram, cot etc.
  5. Take adequate coaching on how to protect your back and the correct postures for standing, bending, lifting and working at a low level. It is equally important to get up the correct way after lying down

Question Of The Day

Is a long journey advisable?

Though this is the ideal time to travel, but a long car journey is not that advisable as the back may be strained.  It is advisable to take a break every 2 hours or so and walk around a little bit, it helps in increasing the blood circulation and eases any discomfort. It is also advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

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The Seventh Month

seventh month of pregnancy

The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

With just three months of pregnancy left, the seventh month marks the beginning of the last trimester. The baby is very active during this period and moves around quite a lot. Babies born in this month and are called premature babies and while they need special care, they can surely survive.

During these final months, the mother gains about 4 kgs, approximately 40 percent of the total pregnancy weight gain.

Changes in the mother  

  • Red stretch marks may start appearing on the stomach area
  • False contractions (known as Braxton Hicks) are sometimes felt around this time and though they are not very painful they can be misleading.
  • The mother might experience acidity, indigestion, heartburn and cramps.
  • The mother starts feeling large and may bump into things. She may also become forgetful or dream about labour, childbirth and the baby. This may be caused by disturbed sleep or due to the baby’s movements.
  • One can notice an increased weight around the thighs, buttocks and the stomach.
  • The top of the womb is halfway between the stomach and the navel.
  • The veins on the breast may become more noticeable around this time.

Features of the Baby

  • Length 14.5 inch
  • Weight 1 kg
  • The face and body is covered with vernix, which acts as a waterproofing agent.
  • The seal over the eyes is gone.
  • The hearing is well developed
  • The skin is red and wrinkled
  • A seven month old infant feels pain and responds exactly like a full term baby
  • Fat starts to accumulate under the skin
  • Taste buds are more pronounced than they will be at birth
  • Lungs have still not reached the stage of maturity
  • Around this time if the baby twists and turns the shape of the foot can be seen on the mother’s stomach
  • If the father is keen on feeling the baby movements, he can feel the baby move over the mother’s abdomen with his hand
  • The baby’s heartbeat can be heard with an ordinary fetal stethoscope.


  • If you are a working woman, try to put your feet up as and when possible
  • Make sure you get enough rest during the day and sleep early at nights.
  • Let the employer know in writing when you intend to take a break and when you will return to work post delivery.
  • Make a visit to the antenatal clinic every two weeks from now onwards.

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The Third Month

the third month of pregnancy

The end of the third month signifies the closure of the first trimester and is considered the right time to announce the pregnancy as the early signs of discomfort in the mother tend to cease.

Physical Changes

  • Morning sickness, nausea and vomiting starts to ease.
  • There is a decline in the frequency of urination.
  • There can be signs of constipation because of slow bowel movements during pregnancy.
  • Hormonal changes may lead to mood swings.
  • The volume of blood circulation in the body increases, leading to increased burden on the lungs, kidneys and heart of the mother.
  • Increased heaviness and tenderness in the breasts.
  • While there will not be much change in the shape of the mother’s body, the top of the womb can be felt just above the pubic bone.

Weight Gain of the Mother

Around this time the mother expects to gain about 10 percent of the total pregnancy weight gain, which would be approximately 1.2 kg. If the expectant mother faces nausea and morning sickness, the weight gain could be much less.

Length and Weight of the Baby

The baby would have grown to about 2.5 inches now and weigh around 18 gms

Features of the Baby

  • The external ears are well developed
  • Tiny fingers and toes have formed
  • The baby looks much more human
  • The head is still large in proportion to the body
  • The limbs are small though fully formed now
  • He can suck and swallows the fluid that surrounds him
  • He can pass urine.
  • Eyelids have developed and are closed over the eyes
  • Miniature fingernails and toenails are growing.

Pregnancy Tips

  • Get into the habit of standing straight in this stage as this will prepare your body to carry the excess weight in a stable way in the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Make your first visit to the antenatal clinic where routine tests are carried out by the doctor and mid wives to check that the pregnancy is progressing normally.
  • Do inform your doctor in case you are suffering from constipation and include a lot of water and high fiber food in the diet.
  • Buy a bra that will give adequate support to the breasts.

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