Covid-19: Its rise, second wave and mutations

Covid-19: Its rise, second wave and mutations by Prof. Dr. Mohsin Wali
Acknowledging the current times of trial, Prof. Dr. Mohsin Wali (Padmashree, Senior Consultant Medicine – Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Former Physician to three Former President) states that Covid-19 has disrupted three years of our life. Although we assumed that we will rid ourselves of it in 2021, the virus has managed to grow. He believes that there are several causes for this.
Initially, the blame was on lack of attentiveness by the administration and carelessness on part of people. However, gradually, when this carelessness was reduced, we witnessed talks about mutation. In October the ministry of health released a genomic study consortium that stated that if the virus changes its form, we will continue with its genomic study to obtain the medicine and vaccine. However, during this time, the effect of the virus started to reduce and the cases nearly dropped to 400 a day. However, the virus can store within itself several combinations and permutations for deception through mutation.
The variants such as the California variant and the variant from an African country started to sprout in October. The final mutant that has now arrived is the B1 by 167 variant is the most dangerous.
Explaining mutation, Prof. Dr. Mohsin Wali states that the virus has an RNA that is attached by a coil and can change its sequence. The mutation can attach strongly to the human body and attack with more dedication. The Covid-19 virus is now reaching the lungs within three to four days. It is also observed that despite the RT-PCR test being negative, patients have a fever and a cough, and their CT-scan witnesses Covid-19 related changes with the patient finding themselves in the ICU on the fifth or the sixth day.

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