Efficacy of Covid Vaccines in Diabetes patients

Dr Ambrish Mithal: Efficacy of Covid Vaccines for Diabetes patients

Despite Covid-19, regular tests for diabetes especially when it comes to timely blood tests should continue and vaccines must be taken to prevent complications.

Dr. Ambrish Mithal (Chairman & Head of Endocrinology & Diabetes Division, Medanta, Gurugram) states that when the storm of the new wave settles, diabetic patients must resume checking their blood sugar levels in timely intervals.

He recommends doing the regular tests such as the HbA1c which is the 3-month average of your blood sugar, kidney test, liver test, and cholesterol.

Dr. Mithal suggests postponing the eye test for diabetes if it is not overdue because it involves getting closer to the patient. However, if needed the doctors are available for the eye testing. If diabetes has not affected the eye, then it should be checked at least once a year. However, if it is affected the doctor will call you every three or six months for the check-up.

Dispelling the misconception diabetic and heart patients should not take the vaccine Dr. Mithal states that the vaccine was created to first protect these patients. He reiterates that regardless of the medication you consume and the condition of your diabetes, taking the vaccine without any delay is imperative.

He explains that every vaccine has levels of effectiveness:-

  • Level 1: No infection after taking the vaccine
  • Level 2:  If you get infected, the symptoms are mild
  • Level 3: Prevents severe symptoms and death due to illness

Currently, the vaccines available in India are at the third level which is a very big thing. Dr. Mithal states that taking the vaccine not only saves the life of an individual but also helps socially by saving beds and ventilators for those who need it most. He requests all those who are eligible for the vaccine to take it.  

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