Dr Ambrish Mithal tell us about the role of family and diabetes

Diabetes is a problem of an individual, then how is the family related to the condition? Dr Ambrish Mithal tell us about the role of family and diabetes

Dr. Ambrish Mithal, Padmabhushan awardee, Chairman and Head of Endocrinology & Diabetes at Max Hospitals in an exclusive interview with Famhealth had the following to say

Diabetes is a lifestyle or chronic condition that requires lifelong care and discipline every day. It is unrealistic for an individual to battle it alone single handedly. In Dr. Mithal’s view, families must step-in to support patients.

He says that upon diagnosis, the patient is already traumatized and given the lifelong restrictions they must comply with, life appears to be bleak. The necessity to exercise daily and barred from eating their favourite food and sweets can never be easy. At that time, if families indulge in blaming or nagging the patient, their life is likely to be even more miserable.

Dr. Ambrish Mithal suggests that a more constructive approach to help patients would be for the entire family to accept the diagnosis and make a lifestyle change for the entire family.

He explains that people with Diabetes need strong control over their food consumption but there is nothing called a “Diabetes Diet”. He refers to it as a “Healthy Diet” or a “Diet Plan” or “Diet Advice” that is good for everybody.

Hence families are advised to consider a diagnosis within their family as a wonderful opportunity to make lifestyle changes for the entire family and opt to live healthier. With a renewed attitude and acceptance to making changes, patients and families, both will life healthier for longer.

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