Eye Problems in Diabetes

Eye problems in diabetes, opinion Dr Shahana Majumdar. People with diabetes are at a higher risk of getting eye problems. For early detection and prevention regular eye examination is recommended.

Dr Shahana Majumdar (Retina Consultant I-core Eye Hospital, Noida) explains that eye diseases should be detected before the symptoms occur. As soon as an individual is diagnosed with diabetes, they must have their retinas examined annually. Common eye symptoms in diabetic patients include blurred or distorted vision, black spots in the field of vision which might hint at internal bleeding in the eye.

Dr Shahana Majumdar explains the two most common tests undertaken to examine the eyes of patients with diabetes:-

  • Angiography of the Eyes: For this test, a dye is injected in the patient that flows in the retina, and then rapid photographs are taken. Through the means of tracking the dye, any leakage, blocked blood supply, or formation of new blood vessels that might potentially bleed into the eye are detected.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): is a simple scan that helps identify the swelling of the retina.
  • If the patient has had a haemorrhage in the eye, the retina cannot be seen and so an ultrasound has to be done to determine whether the retina is in place or has been detached.

Dr Shahana Majumdar speaks about how some patients manage to get checked in the nick of time and so a part of their vision if not the whole can be restored. However, she explains that for comprehensive care of the eyes, patients need to be regular with checkups, control their blood sugar, look after their kidneys, and abstain from smoking.

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