Insulin: A lifesaver for people with Diabetes by Famhealth

Is Insulin a lifesaver for people with diabetes, Famhealth speaks to leading endocrinologists from India about the use and benefits of insulin for people who are insulin dependent.

Most people suffering from Diabetes fear the introduction of Insulin treatment to manage their condition. India’s top doctors and endocrinologists say:

Dr. Ashutosh Shukla, H.O.D Internal Medicine at Artemis Hospital, explains that insulin is a hormone that is produced in our pancreas and is responsible for controlling the entry of glucose or sugar into our cells. Insulin also helps in metabolism or breaking down of proteins, fats, and minerals and creates energy.

When our pancreas is unable to produce insulin naturally, glucose is unable to enter our cells and remains in our blood stream. This is toxic for our body leading to many complications.

The only way of increasing insulin levels in our body is by injecting it externally for people with Type 1 Diabetes; Diabetes in Pregnancy, those Type 2 Diabetics whose levels are uncontrolled despite oral medicines.

Dr. V. Mohan, Chairman and Chief of Diabetology, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre reaffirms that Insulin is neither bad nor an enemy but discusses the life-saving role it has. The C-Peptide test can show you how much Insulin is there in your body. So if your doctor advises Insulin, he urges that one should not panic and start the treatment immediately.

Dr. Ambrish Mithal, Chairman and H.O.D Diabetes and Endocrinology at Max Hospital concurs that there is a substantial fear amongst people about Insulin, but often it is a life-saver to win over Diabetes. Modern medication and injectables with super thin needles makes insulin injection virtually painless.

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