Life Champion Harsha Kapoor and Fitness for Prediabetes

Life Champion Harsha Kapoor and Fitness for Prediabetes. Mr. Harsha Kapoor is a 47 year old working professional with a job involving frequent travelling and outside meals. Speaking fondly of his journey towards a healthier lifestyle, he advocates cycling amongst other fitness routines.

Neglecting health for his job was not acceptable to Mr. Harsha who tried to make time for regular physical exercises. He tried committing to gymming, swimming, and even running, but eventually gave them all up. Four years ago, however, he turned to cycling and since then has been passionately riding every morning, in the midst of nature. He speaks of how cycling in nature feels rejuvenating as it keeps him away from the stress of the outside world. Mr. Harsha feels he is living to the fullest when he cycles in isolated jungles with only some animals keeping him company; transforming exercise to a lively and fun activity.

Recalling his exertion during his first cycle ride, he speaks of how even half a kilometre was unmanageable at the time. Determined to increase his stamina, Mr. Harsha continued to cycle with rigour by waking up at 4:00 AM regularly. Impressed by his determination, the senior cyclists of the group encouraged him to push his boundaries. Now he can effortlessly cycle for a distance of up to 40 kilometers. He accomplishes this distance in intervals that balance speed cycling with relaxed cycling.

He claims that cycling has transformed his perspective towards exercising and says that with determination, dedication, and discipline, one can make cycling a fun exercise.

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