Life Champion – Maulshree’s journey with prediabetes

Life Champion – Maulshree’s journey with prediabetes . An impassioned Maulshree Joshi shares her experience with prediabetes and says, “I always believed that diabetes is hereditary and that I was fortunate that no one in my family was affected by it.”

When she underwent her regular health check-up, her report had HbA1c 6.4% and stated that she was pre-diabetic. Her cholesterol was high, B12 and vitamin D levels were low and sugar was normal. The doctor explained that it is not alarming but it needed due attention.

He said that unhealthy food habits, less physical activity or stress may be the reason behind it. Maulshree was going through all these. The doctor advised her to reduce sugar, canned food and exercise regularly.

Her family panicked and gave her a lot of advice and caution, but gradually understood that it can be managed easily. With vigour and determination, Maulshree changed her lifestyle and underwent a re-check six months later with normal HbA1c levels.

Maulshree reversed her condition. We can too. Please watch her inspiring story.

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