Living with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that results in severe highs and lows in the patient. To control the same, the patient requires to take medication as well as stay in a supportive environment. Shubha Menon, Preeti and Adrita tell us their story of living with Bipolar Disorder

Shubha Menon sheds some light on the taboo associated with discussing mental illnesses. She informs that depression is an integral part of bipolar disorder and believes that open expression can help manage it better. She reveals that one in four individuals suffers from a mental illness and yet, even confiding in loved ones is uncommon. According to her, mental illness is not an identity or weakness but a disease that needs treatment. Speaking about her own experience, Shubha says that as an employee of an ad agency, she has experienced crippling anxiety during campaign discussions where she feels stiffness in her stomach, chest, and the back of her ear. However, an open discussion was not a solution as there was a fear of losing the job.

Preeti, a creative professional, shares her experience with bipolar depression and speaks about how it is challenging to have a foggy mind in a decision-making, professional environment. She speaks about how the illness is not a part of her personality but a hormonal deficiency that has to be supplemented with medication, and love and support from friends and family.

A creative intern, Adrita speaks about how it is challenging to focus on work with mental illness. Her colleagues dismiss her anxiety as overthinking because there is a lack of awareness about mental illnesses. To help herself cope, Adrita listens to soothing music and has learned some calming techniques through YouTube.

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