The Difference between Psychology and Psychiatry

There is often a confusion between psychology and psychiatry. Dr Nimesh Desai, Director and Senior Psychiatrist, IHBAS New Delhi brings us more clarity.

Sadness, happiness, worry, anger and various emotions that we feel throughout the day are a part of our mental make-up and normal. When we are unable to cope with situations, often counselling is adequate. This is the area of Psychology that deals with people’s psychological issues. However, when the behaviour becomes abnormal, and medication may be required, it becomes a part of Psychiatry.

Dr Nimesh goes on to specify that a Psychiatrist is a Doctor who has done their MBBS and has further done their MD in Psychiatry (can therefore prescribe medicines). On the other hand a psychologist is a person who studies BA/MA and PhD. They are the ones who analyse the problem from a social angle and offer solutions.

Psychological distress and Psychiatric problems are different, neither which should be ignored.
He remarks that in 2020 universally everyone was psychologically distressed. Several people started facing anxiety and went into depression. Not just this, the lockdown led to a break in the treatment for people who were suffering from serious mental disorders . As a result, many patients faced a relapse and a recurrence of serious disorders such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder.

Dr. Desai urges those who were undergoing treatment earlier, or who may require treatment now, to contact mental health experts and seek help. It is perfectly alright and healthy to talk about your mental health.

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