The importance and benefits of taking Insulin

Dr. V. Mohan tell us about the The Importance and Benefits of taking Insulin
When our pancreas is unable to produce insulin naturally, glucose is unable to enter our cells and remains in our blood stream. This is toxic for our body leading to many complications.

The only way of increasing insulin levels in our body is by injecting it externally for people with Type 1 Diabetes; Diabetes in Pregnancy, those Type 2 Diabetics whose levels are uncontrolled despite oral medicines.

Dr. V. Mohan, Chairman and Chief of Diabetology, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre reaffirms that Insulin is neither bad nor an enemy but has a strong life-saving role in diabetes.

The one thing he cautions us on is in the importance of compliance with the dosage of Insulin units one administers. In case we over-dose or under-dose, complications can occur.

He points, as an example, if one was advised to take 10 units of Insulin at night, and inadvertently took 30 units, it would cause a low sugar reaction and could result in Diabetic Coma – not dangerous, but frightening. This can be averted by consuming glucose to balance the dose.

On the other hand, skipping one’s insulin dose, rare as it is, would lead to dangerously high sugar levels and in turn, Diabetic Coma. This is a dangerous situation and patients must immediately be rushed to a hospital. Through saline drips and insulin, this too can be treated.

Dr. Mohan advises patients and families to both be equally involved in the treatment to avoid complications and such that families can be vigilant. He assures us that although there is an infrequent chance of emergencies with Insulin, these are “treatable emergencies”

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