Understand Food and its absorption: Dr Nupur Krishnan

Understand Food and its absorption: A talk by Dr Nupur Krishnan, Director – Bio-Logics Nutrition Clinic (A Division of Bio-Logics Healthcare)

Frequently Asked Questions
1.Please advise on what is the advisable/ preferred food post corona recovery. Any specific avoidable foods that we should be careful of in covid recovery.
Dr Nupur: Covid causes inflammation and accumulates fluids in the lungs. Hence reduces oxygen levels in the blood. Due to this other organs get compromised. To prevent problems we need to increase our immunity and improve functions of organs so we can stay away from severe levels of Covid. For better use and flow of oxygen we should increase our haemoglobin levels by consuming high protein and iron rich foods. Iron rich food like kulthi (horse gram) we can make dal, thepla etc. Iron is also found in makhana (lotus seeds), lotus stem sabji, black sesame seeds (can make it with jaggery as ladoo), kurmura, bhuna channa, garden cress seeds etc. Iron is absorbed in the body with use of vitamin C. Poha made with black sesame, groundnuts and lemon juice is a good source. To clear mucus we can have horse radish, parsley soup, celery soup, lemon, garlic, Indian cherries, steam with eucalyptus oil is very effective. Due to malnutrition we are prone to lose muscle mass during Covid – depletes potassium calcium and magnesium, so these must be taken also.

2.What foods to eat and not to eat to reduce/ eliminate bloating sensations.
Dr Nupur: Food cooked in Low quality cooking oil or reheating of cooking and Consumption of trans fat, Sleep deprivations, Smoking and Alcohol consumption cause bloating sensations.
Try to eat such Prebiotic foods like ginger, onion, garlic, Saunf, cucumber, coconut, ghee, aloe vera, parsley. Drink sufficient water so that sufficient saliva is produced in your mouth to increase digestion.
Avoid using extra table salt Which is common cause of bloating.
Try to soak beans / legumes for 5-7 hours in salt water before cooking.Basically beans / legumes have carbohydrates which cannot be digested easily hence causing flatulence, bloating. Before cooking try to soak legume and beans in slaty water for 5-6 hours and add hinge while cooking.
This concept also explained well with the help of slide during presentation. Watch the video above.

3. Is it necessary to eliminate oil from your diet if your cholesterol is on higher side? In that case, can you have ghee?
Dr Nupur: Already explained during my presentation session. Watch the video above.

4. Milk is good source of calcium but nowadays you don’t get pure milk… what is the alternative?
Dr Nupur: Choose a reliable brand of milk. Alternatively, you can consume homemade curd, paneer, Cheese, Salmon, Tofu, Almonds, Baked beans, Broccoli, orange etc for calcium.

5.It is advisable to eat dinner by 7 PM. How practical it is? If these timelines are not possible then what should one do.
Dr Nupur: It is ok to eat food by 7-9 PM. However, eating food is influenced by our lifestyle and practically the gap between dinner and breakfast should be 7-9 hours and two hours before bed time.

6.Children specific questions:
(a) How to inculcate good eating habits in children
Dr Nupur:
i.First, we parents must follow good eating habits.
ii.Tell the importance of the food item for their physical and mental development.
iii.Present food in different combination of shape, colour and aroma
Avoid packaged food stored at home and try and modify recipes as per temptation. Food should not be served with monotony.

(b). Is it advisable for children to take protein powder after workout?
Dr Nupur: Not at all

(c) Is almond/soya milk a healthier choice compared to cow’s milk in general? and how is it for children.
Dr Nupur: No. Cow’s milk is natural choice.
Soak almonds at home and try to mix with fresh milk and make almond milk, soymilk you can’t make at home becoz of inhibitors present in soya which normally have to process in processing industries and consumption of soy is not suitable for all. And bottom line “Less the processing More is the Nutrition”

7. What food habits helps us to remove toxins from our body?
Dr Nupur: It depends on what kind of toxins you have developed in your body and to be treated accordingly. The various toxins are Vitamin toxins, Mineral Toxins. Hormonal toxins, Free radicals etc. Consume more antioxidant nutrients like Vitamin A, C, D, E, Magnesium, Zinc
Try to increase fluid’s intake which includes plain and infusion water.

8. Easy meal options for working ladies which are healthy and less time consuming
Dr Nupur:
a.Idly, Dosa, Pongal, Kichadi, Poha
b.Egg in boiled or poached. Quick cooking.
c.Veg pulao, Lemon rice, Curd rice, tomato rice
d.Sukha poha, Carrot Kheer, Sautéed Kala Channa.

9. Is it advisable to have fruits for dinner?
The gap between dinner and next day breakfast will be long like 7-9 hours depend on lifestyle so fruits will not be sufficient requirement for dinner.

10. What causes allergies to food? Why are some people allergic to few foods like brinjal, potato, egg etc.
Dr Nupur:
Our body has immune system to fight against virus and bacteria but mistakes some food items as enemies and cause allergies. Few factors are lacking like immunoglobin and intolerance can disturb in metabolism that’s the reason few foods items intolerant and allergic to people.

11. Any thumb rule to avoid onset of diabetes.
Dr Nupur:
Consume more complex carbohydrates and proteins
Reduce simple carbohydrates
Avoid eating fruits after meal
Do regular exercise
Consume foods which can improve insulin production
Do regular health check-up

12. Specific foods that can help reversal:
Dr Nupur:
a.Gastric issues
d.Heart conditions
Also explained during presentation in the video.

13. Despite of workout, belly fat is difficult to reduce. Why so? Specific tips for working on the belly fat.
Dr Nupur: In body different types of body fat / fat % / subcutaneous fat / visceral fat and belly fat is mostly visceral fat which needs proper diet exercise and lifestyle correction and attention.

14. Does vegetable soup suffice for late dinners and replace regular foods?
Dr Nupur: No. You should have regular food unless required by medical condition. The gap between dinner and next day breakfast will be long like 7-9 hours depend on lifestyle so only soup will not be sufficient requirement for dinner.

15.Which Food should be avoided in lungs disease “ILD”?
Dr Nupur: Need complete analysis before recommending any

Q16. Is hypertension having any co relation with menopause?
Dr Nupur: Not only hypertension there are many chronic diseases and nutritional deficiencies co related with menopause.

Q17. How women have to take care of their health during 50s of age.
Dr Nupur: Its vast topic can’t be explained in brief.

Q18. How to overcome bloating feeling in winters
Dr Nupur: Bloating nothing to do with season you have to follow few lifestyle guidelines to avoid bloating which already explained during presentation.

Q19. What is the correct way to perform intermittent fasting?
Dr Nupur: Intermittent fasting will help decrease appetite by slowing the body’s metabolism. As of now, intermittent fasting has not been proved to be healthy.
If you are considering intermittent fasting, make sure to discuss it with your doctor. Skipping meals and severely limiting calories can be dangerous for people with certain conditions, such as diabetes. People who take medications for blood pressure or heart disease also may be more prone to electrolyte abnormalities from fasting.

Q20. How to increase memory through food?
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation.

Q21. Desi cow ghee vs normal ghee, which is good for heart health and cholesterol?
Dr Nupur: Normally pure ghee should be liquid and transparent at room temperature that s called pure ghee. Ideally, bioactive peptide in normal milk and desi milk almost same. But on large scale ghee manufacturer use unethical means to increases the yield, injecting the cow with hormones to produce more milk and adding adulterant in ghee to increases quantity that’s really alarming and must be caution about such kind products.

Q22. What diet to be followed for autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis.
Dr Nupur: Can’t generalise. Consult a clinical nutritionist or physician

Q23. Also diet which will prevent weight gain due to medication esp steroids. Suggestions please.
Dr Nupur: Can’t generalise. Consult a clinical nutritionist or physician

24. Can we reuse leftover frying oil ? If yes how many times?
Dr Nupur: No, you can’t use. Already explained during presentation in the video.

25. Comments on protein supplements.
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation in the video.

26. What are Phytates and Oxalates? which food more in vitamin c i am belongs to vegetarian, SATURATED FAT ARE BETTER FROM PLANT SOURCES OR ANIMAL SOURCES. how to increase HDL? Comments on Plant based whole foods (PBWF) – what are they and how do they help?
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation with the help of slides.

27. Opinion about dairy free diet. Vegan diet…leads to deficiency how to deal with it?
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation session.

28. What vegetarian foods can one have for good health
Dr Nupur: All vegetarian can have all types of vegetables, if suffering from hypothyroid in that case crucifera family vegetables broccoli / cabbage / cauliflower / purple cabbage / Brussel sprouts can’t have.

29. Please explain GERD and enzyme in digestion
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation session in the vidoe.

30. How to control High Triglycerides
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation session.

31. Can weight loss for diabetic reduce or completely cure the Diabetes?
Dr Nupur: No. Even though overweight and diabetes are correlated and insulin regulation will be possible once body fat percent is regularised you need proper diet for diabetes control.

32. What is a well-rounded Indian veg diet to follow?
Dr Nupur: As per National institute of nutrition the food pyramid has all the food groups.

33. What is a well rounded Indian non veg diet to follow
Dr Nupur: SAME as above

34. How to control weight gain
Dr Nupur: Correction in lifestyle 30%, Exercise Including breathing exercise 30% and rest 40% food correction for the age group 25 till 50 years old.

35. Any ideal gap between the food intake and game, sleep
Dr Nupur:You can’t sleep and do jumping kind game after food. Gap maintenance can be possible what type of food you have eaten.

36. Does eating chana and moong mix sprouts daily morning increases weight. Even
Dr Nupur: Sprouted channa & moong is mixture of complex carbs and protein which can’t increase your weight.

37.Though morning and evening walk is done, the weight increases. So, shall we stop eating it. Does it helps reducing acidity. . .
Dr Nupur: You need to follow proper diet management. Consult a clinical nutritionist

38. Which fruit shall we eat to reduce acidity? Whether we should eat such fruits empty stomach? Does an apple fulfills all the nutritious needs, if we consume it instead of Full dinner.
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation session. Watch the video.

39. What should we daily eat to boost immunity?
Dr Nupur: Spices is the best and easily available sources of daily routine including herbs like tulsi, curry patta and antioxidant vitamins A D E.

40. Most of the doctors recommend Refined oil over filtered oil.
Why so ?
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation session. Watch the video

41.Is cooking in the Pressure Cooker healthy ? Is Cooking in Solar Cooker or सीगड़ी healthy ?
Dr Nupur: Definitely sigdi and solar cooking will be more nutritious than pressure cook but due to non-availability of sigdi and during winter & rainy season we can’t depends on solar also.

Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation session. Watch the video

43. Diet Tips for a woman with menopause.
Dr Nupur: Correction in lifestyle 30%, Exercise Including breathing exercise 20% and rest 50% food correction for 50 + or menopause.

44.In recent market, hydrogen riched alkaline water is promoted to have along with balanced diet and exercise. Please advise
Dr Nupur: Many countries population depends on ready-made food and beverages including drinking water. They don’t have much concept of fresh cooking though in our Indian culture and weather are different and more fresh and natural food than other countries so such kind of alkaline water suitable for them we already have water minerals and natural food groups alkaline in nature.

45. Few doctors say more water removes toxins and few doctors say it troubles kidneys. Which is correct
Dr Nupur: Water is essential for digestion and removing toxins arising out of regular metabolism. But toxins arise due to different reasons and water alone cannot remove toxins. Average water consumption of 2-3 is enough for sedentary lifestyle.

46. Drinking hot water after meal is good for health
Dr Nupur: Any type of water immediately after meal is not healthy.

47. Food cooked in microwave oven is good for health?
Dr Nupur: Not at all healthy due to uneven cooking & microwaves dehydrates the food particles which is not healthy for our body.

48. Currently we marinate nonveg with Curd etc Is it advisable?
Dr Nupur: Yes, it will soften tissues of non veg items.

49. Please give Information on complex carbohydrates
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation.

50. Should intake of food specifically the meat can be counted weekly average or daily basis.
Dr Nupur: Meat is saturated fat according to Indian council medical research a person can consume 7% of total calories saturated fat so rest eatables including current physical and blood parameters

51. Are almonds, Cashew and walnut good for health?
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation.

52. What is recommended as healthy eating – White/ Brown (Bread and Rice)! Thank you for informative session and looking forward to the response 🙂
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation session with slides of bread chapati and rice in carbohydrate slide.

53. Is Keto diet useful?
Dr Nupur: All fashionable diet which you can only follow for short term is not advisable. If someone is suffering from hypertension or diabetes or kidney disorder it can be dangerous also.

54. How to increase HDL ?
Dr Nupur: Already explained during presentation.

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