Understanding Meditative Healing


To understand how meditation works, Famhealth spoke to Shalu Bhuchar, Energy Healer, Certified Advanced Body Whisperer and Entrepreneur

Famhealth: What is meditative healing? 

Shalu Bhuchar: It is a term to teach us that we can manifest energy from the universe to heal ourselves. Through meditation, we can learn how to control and prevent the negative thoughts we think, allowing ourselves to heal. It is about calming the mind to receive the healing. 

Famhealth: What are the involved methods? 

Shalu: Our biggest tool is the energy in the universe. In physics, we are taught that everything has energy, “Urja”. This Urja is present in everything around us and ourselves and travels around us in different frequencies. Each frequency has a role. For example, we do not see a doctor treating wild animals in the forest. Another example, as young children, whenever we would hurt ourselves, our instant reaction would be to bring our hand next to it, allowing the energy to pass onto the hurted region. This is nature’s way of healing. It is not important to mentally and physically understand the role of this energy and its frequency, just knowing about it is enough. 

As a healer, I have studied many books about human anatomy to understand the functions of the energy frequencies and how it can for example, reduce the damage caused by a heart attack. 

Famhealth: In such stressful COVID times, does this also help the mental healing? 

Shalu: Yes. During the healing, cleaning of the ‘chakras’ is very important. Chakras are present all over in the body, each with a specific function. It brings balance to the body. The solar plexus chakras present in our back hold our past emotions while the solar plexus chakras present in the front hold our current emotions. The basics of any healing process is to clean the solar plexus first, to bring emotional balance, since every disease begins due to emotional distress. So yes, meditation does help balance out our mental situation. 

Famhealth: What should one expect when they come to a healer?

Shalu: Do not come to us with expectations, come to us with faith. When people receive their recovery with faith, their journey seems a little more special than when people are skeptical about the process. When you do not have faith, the energy gets blocked. 

Famhealth: First, do you see patients receive healing through meditation and medicine at the same time? Secondly, what is your role in removing the stress from the patient? 

Shalu: Many of those who took refuge in science are now realising that science has its own limitations. Yes, many medical workers do practice the art of meditative healing on the patients as they are now realising that energy is present everywhere and we can draw so much from it. The modern human is now realising that science is a tool which does not have all the answers, not the be all and end all. If science had all the answers, we would not need to be struggling and experimenting. I am not negating medical science, I just believe that energy knows more. Regarding stress, the purpose of meditation is to bring you to a place where you can control your negative thoughts. My teacher taught me “Meditation is when you are 100% in the moment”. When you focus and start centering your thoughts, the negative ones start leaving you and that is what meditation is about. 

Famhealth: Can you perform self cleansing?

Shalu: As a healer, the more you heal someone else, the more cleansing happens within your own body. “Focus outward and the universe will focus on you”. When you start helping someone, your own problems do not stop. Instead, you stop getting negatively affected by them. 

Famhealth: If someone wishes to cleanse themselves, is it possible? 

Shalu: Absolutely. The healer initially connects you to the right energy and then you learn how to heal yourself. In case you are not able to find a teacher, place your hands on the wound and the energy flows through you to heal. 

Famhealth: When you bring a child closer to you, there is instant warmth and calmness that flows through them 

Shalu: That is because children are the purest sense of energy, especially infants. 

Famhealth: We are having daily meditation sessions with Ms. Shalu this week. If we all come together to heal, we will become stronger against the pandemic. The sessions are free of cost and available on our support group. 

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