Wellbeing with Aashima: Positivity and Health

Dr. Ashima Shukla (Counselling Psychologist, Mind & Body Medicine Specialist & Wellness Coach) states that positivity stems from self-awareness. She believes that focusing your thoughts on yourself can be monumental in changing your life.

To be positive, she recommends maintaining a journal, taking a walk, undertaking some amount of exercise because it releases hormones that make you feel good. Additionally, being able to speak to someone with an open mind can help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and help gain a clearer perspective on things.

Dr. Ashima believes that transforming negative thoughts into positive ones is the foundation for the connection between mind and body medicine. If one has an optimistic outlook on life, then one can plan for the future with clarity and reduced levels of stress. She speaks about the importance of self-control and how it can be harnessed through self-awareness. It is important to analyze your feelings without judgment and ignorance. For example, stress should not be blocked but faced head-on so you learn how to manage it effectively.

All of these can be achieved through various techniques of relaxation. However, in a country like ours yoga richly incorporates and combines meditative practices, breathing exercises (pranayama), and stretching exercises that can calm our mind and body.


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