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Frequently Asked Questions – Pregnancy and Covid-19
Jan 01, 1970

Frequently Asked Questions – Pregnancy and Covid-19
By Dr Neeharika Malhotra, Gyn & Obst, Agra

Q.What to do if you are Pregnant or if you get symptoms of Covid-19?
A.Firstly try and isolate yourself immediately. You should stay isolated for two weeks even if you do not get any symptoms. If you experience any symptoms like body pain, fever, diarrhea, cough, running nose or headache. Get yourself tested immediately. An early testing ensures that you control the disease at an early stage before it gets serious. You can start taking Vitamin C and Zinc Supplements, drink luke warm water, do steam inhalation 2-3 times in a day. Take all your pregnancy medicines regularly and remain in touch with your gynecologist.
Q.Can I take Covid-19 Vaccine during pregnancy & Breast Feeding?
A.It is very important to take Covid-19 Vaccines. Two vaccines need to be taken as per the procedure. If you get any opportunity nearby, get yourself vaccinated. From 1st of May, Government of India has allowed people above the age of 18 to get vaccinated.
Unfortunately as of now Pregnant or Breast Feeding mothers are NOT to be vaccinated. As soon as the guidelines come for them, we should vaccinate all our Breast feeding mothers.
Q.Can Covid-19 be passed from woman to her unborn baby?
A.Recent studies in regard to vertical transmission which means transmission from the mother to the baby. Anti-Nuclear and Intra- Partum says almost negligible vertical transmission till now. At present there are no recorded cases of vaginal secretions being tested with Covid-19 and it also assures that breast milk is not being tested with Covid-19. So currently it is very rare that if you are Covid positive you will transfer it to your unborn baby.
Q.Can a Covid Positive Mother Breast feed her Child?
A.Breast Feed is an important source of nutrient which can save your child from a lot of infections. Till now it is completely safe to Breast Feed your child. There is no research or study so far which says Covid-19 can infect the baby through breast milk. However you need to take certain precautions while you Breast Feed.
• Breast feed with a Mask on.
• Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before Breast Feeding.
• Clean all areas around you as a routine and maintain hygiene.
• Maintain adequate distance with the baby.
• Breast feed in a well ventilated room.
Q.Can pregnant women with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 give birth by Normal Delivery?
A.Yes you can give birth by Normal Delivery if your respiratory system is normal and there is no respiratory distress. Also, if you do not require oxygen to maintain your SPo2 levels. Covid Positive mothers can go for a normal delivery if there is no caesarian indication or a medical advice. Being covid positive is not the only indication for caesarian section and there are no guidelines on this so far.
Stay Safe. Keep your baby Safe too!



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