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Arthritis Drug for Covid-19 treatment ?
Jan 01, 1970

Arthritis Drug for Covid-19 treatment ?

Can the Arthritis Drug for Covid-19 treatment ? In latest news on Covid-19 published in the The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, Tocilizumab, an anti-inflammatory drug used for treating arthritis, has been found to help increase survival among patients suffering from severe Covid-19. As per The Lancet, 180 patients were recruited at the centres, 90 of whom received Tocilizumab (TCZ) and standard care, whereas the other 90 received only standard care.

India conducted its first multicentre randomised controlled trial on the use of Tocilizumab to treat Covid-19. The study was conducted at 11 public and private tertiary-care hospitals in the country. Medanta, Fortis, Apollo, Medeor, Nayati, SGPGI Lucknow, BJMC Pune and PGIMS Rohtak were among some hospitals that participated in the study.

The study showed that sub-group analysis of the severe patients in the two groups had a lower mortality (8/50; 16%) among those who received Tocilizumab compared with those who did not (14/41; 34%) in 28 days.




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