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Do cardio-vascular diseases affect men and women differently?

Dr. Praveen Chandra in conversation with Famhealth brings forth some essential points related to heart health on World heart Day and Do Cardio-Vascular Diseases affect men and women differently?

World Heart Day to fall on 29th September brings focus on the heart one of the most vital organs of our body which requires keeping well and intact to maintain good heart health. To discuss more on heart health Famhealth is in discussion with Dr. Praveen Chandra, Chairman, Interventional Cardiology Medanta- the Medicity, Gurugram, and Medanta Moolchand Heart Institute, Delhi.

5 Common risk factors in society

  1. Dr. Chandra says that people beyond the age of 35 develop hypertension that damages the body from within and acts as a silent killer. Unchecked hypertension can lead to early stroke and onset of kidney failures. He advises that people beyond the age of 35 should get their BP’s checked every year.
  2. Diabetes affects the heart severely and poses as a major risk factor. If a family has any history then people should remain extra cautious. People beyond 35 years of age should try to maintain their blood sugar levels in control.
  3. Smoking and tobacco are the most common factors that damage the heart therefore they should be immediately stopped.
  4. Dr. Praveen Chandra says a myth is found amongst people who usually avoid medicines if they have heart disease which is very dangerous.
  5. Lifestyle-related disorders are another commonly found risk factor that leads to heart disease. So people should maintain a very active lifestyle.

An Inter Heart study in India

Dr. Praveen Chandra says,” According to an Inter Heart Study done in India it is found that people do not exercise and in such cases, they can have heart attack 2-5 years earlier”. He further says regular exercise is a must for every individual with good vegetable and fruit intake thereby avoiding mental stress which takes a toll on our lives.

Do Cardio-Vascular Diseases affect men and women differently?

Dr. Chandra says, “Years back it was a confined notion that CVD is not common in women. However, today it has become a myth because CVD affects men and women equally. Especially after the age of 45 when menopause occurs in women which vanishes the protected effect of hormones women are equal to men to develop a heart disease”.

He further says, “Symptoms that occur in women related to a heart problem are usually perceived by family as any other common problems like gas. However, it should not happen because it leads to neglection of a major heart problem. So, symptoms should be taken in the same manner for both men and women because women are more susceptive than men to get severely affected and chances of dieing are more common in women than in men. So, one should not neglect the symptoms and consult the doctor at the earliest”.

Food and Heart Health

Dr. Chandra says, an individual with heart disease can take every kind of food to be it spices or sugar but in a controlled manner and a balanced diet should be followed.