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Getting Back to Normal

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After delivery, your familiar bump may be gone but your tummy won’t be completely flat yet. You may feel some discomfort in the first days after birth. Talk to your doctor if something bothers you.

After pains

Once you start breastfeeding your baby, you may feel stomach cramps. This is a good sign that your womb is contracting back to its pre pregnancy size. The pains may last several days

What to do

If the contractions are severe, you need to talk to your doctor who may prescribe a mild pain killer.


In the first days, the body loses the extra fluid gained during pregnancy so you may need to urinate more often.

What to do

  • You may be sore post delivery and urinating may be difficult, but try to do it as soon as possible after birth
  • Get up and about to encourage the flow
  • Soak in a warm bath. Don’t worry if you pass urine in water as urine is sterile. Wash yourself well afterwards
  • Sometimes turning the water tap on induces urine flow
  • If you have stitches, pour warm water over them as you pass urine which will give you freshness and a germ free environment.


You may have vaginal bleeding for as long as two to six weeks. It stops earlier for breast feeding mothers. The discharge is heavy and bright red at first and gradually slows down and becomes brownish in color.

What to do

  • Wear sanitary napkins to catch the flow.
  • Avoid using tampons at this stage as they may cause infection.


You may not need to empty your bowels for a couple of days after birth

What to do

  • As soon as you can, start walking as this helps the bowel movements to start.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat high fiber food
  • When you want to empty your bowel do so immediately but don’t push too much
  • Though you won’t open up any stitches while clearing the bowels, you may still choose to hold a clean sanitary napkin against the area.


These may be very sore for a day or two. Within a week, the external ones fall off and the dissolving ones dissolve.

What to do

  • Practice pelvic floor exercises to speed up the healing
  • Relax in a warm bath to keep the stitches clean. Dry them thoroughly with a hair dryer on cool setting
  • Soothe soreness by applying an ice pack to the affected area
  • Lie down or sit on a rubber ring to ease the pressure off the stitches.

Post Partum Blues

Many women feel low after delivery, mostly when the milk comes out. This may happen due to

  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • The feeling of anticlimax that happens after birth

What to do

  • The pleasure of having a baby will more than compensate for the after effects of birth.
  • Post natal concerns are temporary and are expected to vanish soon
  • If you feel that it is prolonged, lasting more than four weeks, see your doctor.
  • If  the depression is severe, see your doctor

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