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The Ninth Month

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The ninth month is synonymous with childbirth and as pregnancy draws to a close, the mother tends to have mixed feelings. While she is eager to deliver, she is equally anxious and apprehensive about labour, child birth and the challenges of becoming a mother. If the baby were born now he would have an excellent chance of survival.

The rate of weight gain slows down and completely stops after week 38. If the total weight gain is approx 10kgs or less, it is relatively easier to return to pre pregnancy weight after delivery. In the final two weeks there might be a slight reduction in weight. This shows that the baby is matured now and you can expect labor within 10 days. The total weight gain during pregnancy ranges from 10 to 12 kgs but it may vary from woman to woman.



Changes in the mother  

  • The growing belly alters the weight distribution, so a correct posture is a must to prevent accidents.
  • There might be extreme tiredness due to lack of sleep and extra weight of the baby
  • The bladder is under pressure so the urgency to pass urine becomes even more frequent.
  • The baby’s head may have dropped in the pelvis by now.
  • Once the baby’s head drops in the pelvis, heartburn, acidity, indigestion and breathlessness may begin to lessen
  • You may be feeling high on energy due to the mother’s instinct and would want to clear out space in the cupboards. Please take it easy and don’t tire yourself in the process.
  • Your skin will feel stretched over the abdomen and may itch a little too.
  • The baby bulge will be huge and make it difficult to lie down in the bed
  • Bumping into objects will become a common feature.
  • There will be a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen
  • A lot of effort will be needed for every single movement that you make.
  • Your cervix will be softening in preparation for labour
  • Braxton and Hicks contractions may make you feel you are in labour.
  • There might be pricking sensation in the legs like pins and needles.

Features of the Baby

  • Length 20 inch
  • Weight approx 3 kg
  • The baby takes up all the space in the womb and kicks and punches rather than shifts.
  • The head would have dropped into your pelvis, ready for birth
  • The baby gains about 20gms every day for the remaining four weeks in the womb
  • Soft nails have grown on the tips of fingers and toes
  • In a boy, the testicles would have descended.
  • Hair may have grown up to 5cm
  • Baby has pinkish skin
  • Since fat is being stored, the baby becomes more rounded.


  • Due to the increase in the weight of the baby, the mother can suffer from swollen ankles and varicose veins. You need to put your feet up as much as possible.
  • Take a tour of the delivery room and maternity ward
  • Make a weekly visit to the clinic until birth
  • Stock the pantry and the fridge with food for the time when you are in the hospital and after delivery
  • Buy nursing or feeding bras. Measure yourself properly and choose from the various types of nursing bra that are available
  • Pack your suitcase for the hospital
  • Discuss with your doctor if your partner wants to be with you while you are in labour.

This is the perfect time to do whatever makes you happy and content. Being relaxed and stress free and moving around a little may contribute a lot towards a normal delivery. As the initial few weeks after delivery will revolve around your baby, enjoy these last baby free days.The baby can be expected any time from now so just enjoy these last weeks before the new phase of your life begins.

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