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Pregnancy Concerns

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Incompetent Cervix

In a normal pregnancy, the neck of the womb (cervix) remains closed until labour. Sometimes the neck of the womb is weak and it opens up, expelling the baby and resulting in a miscarriage. This may happen due to repeated pregnancies or miscarriages or other reasons.


The doctor may suggest an operation to stitch the cervix firmly at the beginning of the pregnancy. This stitch is then removed towards the end of the pregnancy or as labour starts.

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

During pregnancy, hypertension may occur which may be mild or severe.

In mild hypertension, the blood pressure is slightly raised 140/90 mm hg. There may be slight swelling of ankles and traces of albumin in urine. This is quite common and not of grave concern.

In severe pregnancy hypertension, the blood pressure rises to above 160/100 mm hg along with excess oedema and albiminurea. This condition is also known as pre-eclampsia.


  • The doctor will advise bed rest.
  • To lower the blood pressure, either a medicine may be given or dietary changes may be suggested. There will be a reduction in the amount of sodium in the diet and reduction on the usage of common salt.
  • In severe cases hospitalization may be needed and labour may be induced.

Pregnancy with  Rhesus Negative Mother

Your blood is tested at the clinic on your first visit to find out your blood group. About 15 percent people have a negative blood group, also known as rhesus negative. Rhesus negative mothers have a problem in pregnancy if they are carrying a rhesus positive child. Your blood groups will be incompatible and though it won’t harm the existing child, it can pose a problem for the next child.


If you are an rhesus negative mother and have borne a rhesus positive child, you will be given a protective vaccine known as anti-D immediately after birth. This will prevent any problems with the future pregnancies. Some hospitals give this vaccine even during the pregnancy stage.

Pregnancy with an IUGR Baby

A baby who doesn’t grow properly in the womb is known as an IUGR baby. This may be due to the mother not having a good diet or if she smokes or suffers from some lifestyle disorders like diabetes.


  • There will be constant monitoring throughout pregnancy to check adequate blood flow to the placenta
  • If the baby appears distressed or stops growing, he will be delivered early either through induction or caesarean section.

Pregnancy with Twins

If you are carrying twin babies, there may be greater chances of anemia, pre-eclampsia or premature labour.


  • Regular visits to the antenatal clinic are a must to spot any complications in the initial stage.
  • Watch your posture and take adequate rest to make up for the additional strain on your body
  • To avoid digestive problems, eat small frequent meals and avoid canned and processed food.

Please consult your doctor before starting any treatment if you face any above mentioned concerns and do not start any of the medication and treatment on your own.

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