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Relaxation and Breathing during Pregnancy

Meditation 1384758 640 1

Pregnancy is a physiological burden on the body, but with the right knowledge it can be a memorable and happy phase of your life. While it is important to enjoy this phase, it is equally important to give the body its long needed rest as it is working very hard to make a normal healthy baby. Here are some ways which can help you relax and enjoy, whenever you are not so upbeat about things.

  • Muscle relaxation: Make yourself comfortable and then tense and relax each muscle of your body, starting from the toe and working upwards. Try to keep your breathing slow and even. After doing this for about 10 minutes, let your body go limp. You can also concentrate on some peaceful image and try not to follow any thoughts.
  • Rest : Make it a habit to put your feet up and rest whenever you feel like
  • Exercise: Light exercises keep you fit besides releasing endorphins, the happy hormones
  • Fresh air and sunshine: Going out into the open is refreshing and sunlight is a great mood lifter besides providing our body with the much needed vitamin D
  • Gather information: As soon as the news of pregnancy is confirmed, you may become very anxious if it is your first pregnancy. Whenever you get the time gather as much knowledge as you can. This will give you a lot of confidence and keep stress at bay.
  • Talk out your concerns: Many a times we get too paranoid when we over think . Talking to a friend or an informed person about our concerns makes us calm and relaxed.
  • Take a warm shower: If the muscles are sore or you are just tired, taking a relaxing warm shower is a help.
  • Laugh a little: Read a funny book, watch a comedy movie or just laugh with children. When you laugh you will forget what is bothering you
  • Meditate: Go to a calm and quiet place, play some soft music and settle comfortably.  There are a number of meditation techniques that you can follow. Some meditate with the light of a candle, some by concentrating on the breathing. Try each one out to find out what suits you best and then stick to it. You may learn mediation techniques at a pregnancy yoga class too.
  • Visit a Spa: The spa uses aromatherapy, massage, water and a number of other techniques to relax the mind and the body. You need to inform the therapist about your condition and make sure you avoid steam, sauna’s, hot tubs, some specific aromatherapy oils and rigorous massages. Go for facial, manicures and pedicures to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Indulge yourself: Very soon your life will change completely and the centre of attention will be the little one. This is the time to pamper yourself.

If your pregnancy is normal you can ask your doctor for a babymoon where you go for a short holiday with your partner, take weekends off or just enjoy nice candle light dinners. Do whatever makes you feel happy.

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