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The Second Month

Pexels Photo 249613

The second month is the time when the parents to be would actually know for sure that they are expecting a baby. As soon as the news is out, there is all sorts of advice from all and sundry. Before you get all worked up hearing so much stuff, it is important to differentiate fact from fiction.

Week Five To Six

Around this time the embryo is about half an inch, to put it simply, the size of an apple pip so you can ignore advice about eating for two!


  • The embryo is floating in a fluid filled sac
  • It has a simple brain, spine and central nervous system
  • Four pits have appeared on the head which will later become the baby’s eyes and ears.
  • The digestive system is beginning to form along with a mouth and jaw
  • The stomach and chest are developing and a large bulge in front of the chest (the heart) starts beating by the end of the week
  • Blood vessels are forming
  • Four tiny limb buds have developed

Week 7

The baby is now half an inch which is like the size of a small grape


  • A face is forming, while the eyes on the sides of the head are visible in a closed state
  • Arms and legs are clearly visible with clefts at the end which later become fingers and toes
  • The heart has started beating and circulating blood
  • Bone cells are beginning to develop
  • Though not fully formed, the embryo has lungs, intestine, kidney, liver and internal sex organs.

Week 8

The baby is now one inch which is roughly the size of a strawberry


  • The embryo is now called a fetus
  • All major internal organs have developed though not fully
  • There is a recognizable face, a nose, nostrils and jaws and mouth which also has a tongue
  • The inner parts of the ears are forming
  • Fingers and toes are becoming more distinct though joined
  • Shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are detectable
  • The baby moves a lot, though the movement cannot be felt yet by the mother

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