Looking Good During Pregnancy

pregnancy fitness

Now that you know you are pregnant, you are embarking on one of the happiest phase in a couple’s life. And yet it is also a physiological burden on the mother’s body as the body goes through innumerable changes which manifest in poor skin and falling hair apart from a different shape of the body.

While taking care of the new life is imperative, taking care of yourself and looking good is equally important for a positive attitude and high self esteem.

  • Keep it simple: Comfortable clothes with clean cuts and smaller patterns look good during this time. Use solid colours and avoid over accessorizing. Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans.
  • Watch your posture: An incorrect and slouchy posture not just looks bad but also causes back strain. Walk straight consciously.
  • Invest in good comfortable shoes: There may be a slight increase in the shoe size too.
  • Exercise regularly: Keep your body healthy and prepare for childbirth but do consult your doctor regarding the best suitable exercises for you
  • Eat well: Eat a balanced diet and include a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and dairy. Avoid processed and packed food
  • Make water your best friend: It keeps your skin looking fresh and radiant and flushes toxins from your body
  • Stay happy and calm: Enjoy your hobbies, read books, listen to music and meditate as per your interest


If you are lucky, thick shiny hair could be a bonus of pregnancy, but sometimes greasy hair becomes oilier while dry hair gets even more brittle. There may be hair fall too while facial and body hair tends to darken.

  • If the hair is dry and brittle, use a mild shampoo and a good conditioner and stop yourself from rigorous brushing.
  • Wash oily hair often to keep it shiny
  • Avoid chemical treatments as far as possible
  • Transform your hairstyle as per your changing body by trying new hairstyles and fashionable accessories.

Skin Texture

Normally skin texture improves during pregnancy, however sometimes the skin becomes dry or greasy or even spotty.

  • Clean the skin thoroughly. Moisture it if it is too dry and add a few drops of oil in the bath. Use as little soap as possible.
  • Use subtle shades to give a natural glow and use a concealer to avoid dark circles. When using make up, please make sure the product is mercury and lead free.

Skin Color

Skin pigmentation is a common occurrence during pregnancy while moles and birthmarks darken and grow in size. A brown line appears on the stomach and a brownish patch could develop across the face and neck.

  • Avoid strong sunlight as that tends to make the pigmentation worse
  • Always use a sunscreen with a strong filter
  • Do not bleach your face
  •  Don’t stress or worry because most of these will disappear after pregnancy
  • Sleep and rest as much as possible


The nails may split and break more easily so wear gloves while doing household chores. A diet rich in vitamin E makes the nails strong so focus on a nutritious diet.

Stay happy, relaxed and calm and enjoy this beautiful period in your life.

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Hair Problems And Precautions

Hair is made up of protein. Each hair strand consists of two parts. The root of the hair is the living part
inside the skin and the shaft is the hair we see on our scalp is the non-living part of the hair. Hair care
needs to focus on nourishing the root and the scalp and also maintain the integrity of the hair shaft.

Hair Care

Hair Care by Famhealth

Some of the common hair problems include:

  • Split Ends
  • Dandruff
  • Hair loss
  • Lack of volume
  • Oily hair
  • Scalp which is scalpy
  • Frizzy, dull, dry and brittle hair
  • Sun damage to hair
  • Chlorine damage to hair
  • Hair loss

What are the factors that affect health of our hair?

  • Diet- The best way to nourish the hair root is by having a healthy diet, rich in nutrients like iron and proteins, as these are vital for nourishing the hair root. Pulses, meat, eggs, nuts and green leafy vegetables are all good sources of these nutrients.
  • Keeping the hair covered while outdoors and the use of a good conditioner can help in keeping the hair shaft shiny and smooth.
  • Oiling the hair at regular intervals can help in improving the blood circulation of the scalp and aid in better hair growth.
  • Deep conditioning treatments and hair masks can help in imparting moisture to the hair shaft.
  •  People with oily scalps can benefit from the use of a dry shampoo to keep their scalp fresh for longer as frequent shampooing can damage the hair cuticle.
  • Trimming every 6 to 8 weeks helps in removing the brittle split ends and also keeps your hair style looking fresh and updated.

What precautions can help in keeping hair healthy?

  • Air conditioning and sun exposure makes the cuticle dry and brittle and this makes the hair look dull and also causes splitting and breaking of hair.
  • The scalp is prone to certain conditions like dandruff, boils and lice infestation. It is important to check your scalp regularly and get these conditions treated as they can otherwise lead to hair loss due to breaking.
  • It’s also best not to share towels and combs with anyone, as sometimes that can cause diseases like fungal infections scabies to spread.
  • Washing the hair regularly is of vital importance for good hair health. These days, using a sulfate and paraben free shampoo is recommended, as these chemicals damage the hair.
  • It is also important to check the ph of your shampoo as an acidic ph of between 5-6.5 is ideal for the hair. Washing the hair very often can strip the scalp and the hair shaft of their natural oils, so wash your hair only when it’s really needed.
  • After shampooing, it’s always a good idea to use a conditioner on the ends of the hair as these are prone to split ends.
  • Always wash off the conditioner with cold water, this keeps the cuticle shiny.
  • Avoid combing your hair when it’s wet as this is when it’s most prone to breaking.

Beautiful hair is an asset and with the right care it can always be your crowning glory.