Once you have decided to start your family, you will be very happy and eager to conceive. Sometimes in spite of repeated attempts, one is unable to get pregnant and this may lead to a lot of stress and sometimes even depression.

What Is Infertility

Generally speaking, infertility is the inability to conceive, despite having carefully timed, unprotected sex for one year.


Inability to get pregnant.


The actual causes may be difficult to find out but may include,

  • Inadequate level of certain hormone in the father
  • Inadequacy of certain hormone in the mother
  • Trouble with ovulation in the mother
  • Psychological disturbances due to societal pressures or otherwise.


Many treatments may improve the chances of getting pregnant they may include,

  • Hormone treatments, affects the body by regulating the activity of the organs.
  • Surgery
  • Planning intercourse within 5 days of ovulation to increase chances of getting pregnant.
  • Some medications and fertility drugs may help like estrogen modulators, anti diabetic medications etc
  • Medical procedures, which may include,
  • Artificial insemination in which sperms are directly inserted into the woman’s womb to help her get pregnant.
  • IVF which is also known as test tube baby. In this the doctors mix the man’s sperm with the woman’s egg in a test tube.
  • Ovulation induction, which uses medicines to stimulate the ovaries to release eggs.
  • One can also opt for therapy sessions, which treats the psychological problems, which a couple may be dealing with.

Though there are a lot of ways by which one can get pregnant biologically, sometimes even after trying everything, a couple may not be successful. Pregnancy may be medically impossible or may pose fatal to the mother’s health. Sometimes a single parent may wish to have a child. In such cases, one can also opt for surrogacy.

Surrogacy is an agreement in which a woman agrees a pregnancy for another person who will become the new born child’s parent post birth.

Surrogacy is of two types

  1. Commercial surrogacy, in which the surrogate mother receives money for the arrangement.
  2. Altruistic surrogacy, in this the surrogate mother just gets her medical and other reasonable expenses reimbursed. There is no additional payment for carrying the baby.

There are different laws in different countries regarding surrogacy. Some countries do not permit surrogacy so the couple or the individual might need to travel to some other country for the same.

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