Kiya Prashant Kenia Cancer Survivor.

The story of Kiya Prashant Kenia, a young cancer survivor is an inspiring one. While introducing herself Kiya states that she is a positive girl who aspires to become a lawyer and fight for farmers’ rights.

Kiya’s mother Raksha reveals that Kiya was only 1year and 6 months old when she was detected with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) which in simple terms is blood cancer.

After he found out, Kiya’s father Prashant was concerned about the medical expenses associated with the treatment, and Kiya’s mother asked the doctor about whether the disease is curable. Her parents tearfully explained how two days were spent in steadying their mental condition and doing one report after another. The doctor explained to Raksha that Kiya is at 30% risk.

When the chemotherapy initiated, Raksha explained that Kiya’s hair would fall out and she experienced a burning sensation during urination which her mother had to understand through signs as Kiya was unable to speak.

Kiya’s academic life was sustained with the help of her teachers and her friends who would support her with study material when her condition was severe. Her teachers believe Kiya’s attitude is monumental in facing the challenges of life.

Kiya’s parents believe that a positive outlook is essential even during the darkest hour (recalling the time when Kiya had stopped breathing for a few minutes) as it helps restore the hope of those around you. Kiya supports this belief and prevents her mother from telling people about her condition as she would like to be a normal child.

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