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Tired Eyes

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Tired eye or eyestrain is when eyes feel achy, weak, or heavy due to intense use. It is not a disease, and does not require medical treatment.

Causes of Tired Eyes.

 The common causes are too little sleep, allergies, working on the computer for too long, poor lighting conditions, driving a car for prolonged periods of time, reading for long periods, or any other activity that may require the eyes to maintain intense focus for long periods of time.

Tired Eye Relief Techniques.

  • Take breaks when you can and blink often.
  • Get an anti-reflective coating on your optical lenses to help eliminate glare from the computer and nighttime driving.
  • Try an anti-glare computer screen.
  • Position your computer screen so light doesn’t reflect off of it.
  • Use artificial tears or rewetting drops when at the computer, especially contact lens wearers—make sure they’re compatible with your lenses.
  • Get an updated prescription for your glasses or contacts.

Tired Eyes Exercises

  • Every 30 minutes on the computer, or while reading, look as far off into the distance as possible for one to two minutes.
  • Imagine a clock directly in front of you. Focus on the center point, then look at an hour mark without moving your head. Look back at the center of the clock, and then focus your eyes on another hour mark. Try this 10 times.
  • Use your eyes to write letters on a distant wall—but keep your head still.
  • Blink often! Especially while on the computer or if you wear contact lenses.

Rubbing the Eye.

Rubbing your eyes throughout the day? This can be a common sign that your eyes are feeling tired. Ironically, rubbing your eyes can actually make matters worse, potentially scratching the surface and causing irritation. 

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