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Questions to ask during Discharge

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Here are some must-ask questions. ….

  • What diagnosis/diagnoses (exact medical issue and it’s prognosis) was my loved one treated for?
  • Can he/she do their daily needs by their own?
  • Is there any need of certain medical supplies or equipment and how/where do we get these items?
  • How can I receive the proper training to provide the necessary care for my loved one, like changing dressings for a wound or using a feeding tube?
  • Can we get discharge plan?
  • Which all medicine to be taken and when?
  • When should we come for the next doctor’s review?
  • What diet plan needs to be followed?
  • Do we need to check blood glucose or BP at home?
  • Whom should we contact if in case of any medical emergency/need?
  • Can you explain the do’s and don’ts for the better healing at home?
  • Can I get any home assistance from the hospital?

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