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Dental habits in children which should be avoided

Dental habits in children which should be avoided


Dental habits in children which should be avoided. To help keep their teeth free from decay and other dental issues, children need to eat healthily. All food groups are involved in good nutrition, and good dental health is made necessary by healthy choices.

  • Thumb sucking-It may seem like a harmless habit, but thumb sucking often causes misalignment of your child’s teeth, which can lead to issues with chewing, expensive orthodontic treatments, and other dental problems.
  • Enjoying sugary treats in between meals-Another common habit that you may not realize is bad for your children’s teeth, is giving them sugary snacks in between meals. According to the American Dental Association, giving your children snacks like juices, candy, and other sweets can result in tooth decay.
  • Bottles before bed or sippy cups throughout the day-When children are babies, it may seem natural to soothe them to sleep with a bottle. Sugary milk or juice that is most likely in the bottle will remain on your baby’s teeth overnight, damaging enamel and leading to tooth decay.
  • Swallowing toothpaste-Although fluoride in tooth paste is a key component of cavity prevention in children, one bad dental habit that we often see is children swallowing fluoride toothpaste. Ingesting too much fluoride can actually lead to fluorosis, which causes tooth discoloration.
  • Skipping dentist appointments-It is recommended that children (and adults) visit their dentist for check-ups every six months. If your kid’s teeth appear to be healthy, you may be tempted to skip a regular appointment. This can lead to dental issues like tooth decay and cavities, as these appointments are preventative in nature.
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