Top Health Tips

Foods rich in probiotics and their benefits

Probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and have been linked to a wide range of health benefits like weight loss, digestive health, immune function, and more.

Foods good for fighting Asthma

Fruits and veggies are full of chemicals called antioxidants like beta carotene and vitamins E and C. These help stop particles called “free radicals” that damage cells and could inflame and irritate your lungs.

Good Habits for healthy metabolism

Stress- It is a widely known fact that stress is a number one cause to a large number of diseases. According to a study conducted by the researches at the Ohio State University, stress is in direct correlation decline in metabolism speed. It is advisable to have a daily habit to find a quiet place and relax for at least fifteen minutes by doing deep breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation.

Healthy habits for dental hygiene

Brush before you sleep at night- General recommendation is to brush at least twice a day. Still, many of us continue to neglect brushing our teeth at night. But, brushing before bed gets rid of the germs and plaque that accumulate throughout the day.

Maintaining good gut health

For maintaining good gut health, eat more vegetables. Vegetables provide our body with the nutrients it needs on a day-to-day basis and help to maintain general health. They also provide fiber to keep the gut healthy and help our body’s systems run more effectively.

Essential micronutrients

Lets understand the role of essential micronutrients in our diet. Folate is one of the eight types of B vitamins, and it helps with the formation of red blood cells. It is water-soluble, and also called vitamin B9. The best way to get your B9 is through fruits and vegetables. Legumes like lentils and beans, spinach and asparagus are all great, folate-rich options.

5 habits for elderly to stay healthy

5 habits for elderly to stay healthy. Something as mild as the flu or a common cold can develop and lead to complications if you’re 65 or older. Because of this, to improve your immune system and reduce the risk of disease, it is important to make healthy choices.



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