6 month baby – Growth Milestones

Parents can play a role in enhancing the growth and expanding the learning curve of their babies. Here is expert view on 6 month baby – Growth Milestones

Dr. Sushma Narayan (Consultant Paediatrician Gastroenterologist, Baby’s & Children’s Centre, New Delhi) explains that children have their innate intelligence and understanding which can be enhanced. She speaks about the importance of interactive activities for the development of a social curve and optimal cognitive brain development.

She encourages engaging in intelligent, creative, and innovative activities by including learning equipment in games. Playing with building blocks, engaging in counting games with an abacus, using colours to express creativity, playing with kitchen ingredients such as flour, identifying different textures, etc. can all help children express their individuality.

According to Dr. Sushma, learning how to walk, is the next milestone. Initially, babies start crawling up and down the steps and then learn to stand using the objects around them. Then, they take support of these objects such as a table or a chair to start walking. This natural process can be encouraged by throwing colourful toys in their path so they have a target to reach. Adding to this, Dr. Gorika Bansal (Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist, Children’s Medical Centre, New Delhi) states crawling strengthens the muscles in a baby’s arms and legs, and they use both sides of their brain for coordination which are crucial factors that are essential for walking. To encourage crawling, parents can get on all fours and crawl alongside their children. Once they learn to stand, support them from their trunk and let them jump as it will strengthen their leg muscles.


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