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Understanding Conception

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The beginning of new life is a magical process gifted by nature. At the time of conception, it is a single cell which will convert into a fetus during the first 8 weeks.


Ovulation occurs around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle when a ripe egg is released by the ovaries, caught by the fallopian tube and drawn inside. The egg can survive up to 24 hours and if not fertilized passes out with the lining of the womb in the next cycle.


Sperms can dissolve the outer covering of the egg and penetrate it. The sperm then fuses with the egg and forms a single cell. If an egg hasn’t been released, the sperm can survive in the fallopian tube for 48 hours.

Cell Division

The cell then starts dividing into more and more cells as it travels down the fallopian tube.

Reaching the womb

Around the 4th day after fertilization, a ball of about 100 cells with a hollow fluid filled centre floats in the womb cavity for the next four days.


Around week three, the fertilized egg begins to implant itself in the in the lining of the womb.


Conception is complete when the egg is securely attached to the lining. The outer cells of the embryo burrow into the lining to link with the mother’s blood vessels, which later become the placenta. The inner cells divide into 3 layers, which later develop into different baby parts.

How can the baby’s sex be influenced?

There is a very common misconception that it is the mother who is responsible for the sex of the baby. The baby’s sex is actually determined by the father’s sperm which could be male or female. It is illegal to find out sex of child in India and one may be sentenced for the same. Both male and female child are blessings of nature and must be loved and cared equally.

Having a child is a natures blessing, conception becomes easier and a happy process if you and your partner stay happy and positive. One must visit a doctor before planning pregnancy, as it helps to detect many underlying problems which you may not be able to notice.

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