Managing Diabetes over the weekend

Managing Diabetes over the weekend

Managing Diabetes over the weekend

The Weekend is here. Time to de-stress and enjoy fun time with family and friends!

But doesn’t this come accompanied with a whole load of eating! Paranthas, Paav Bhaaji, Pasta, Fine Dining? Managing Blood Glucose levels could be a challenge.

Diabetes need not stop you from enjoying. You could continue eating, albeit eating right.  In fact the popular phrase is that you should Eat More…frequently.

Expert dieticians from all round the globe – Canada, USA, Finland, France, and Germany have designed various methods of meal planning exclusively for people living with diabetes.

While popular diets include Mediterranean, Vegan, flexitarian, Vegetarian, Ornish and Fertility diets, “Eating by the Plate Modelis the most popular and recommended method suggested by the American Diabetes Association. In this, a plate serves a complete balanced meal similar to a pie chart, with calculated portions of a variety of 1/4th of low carbs, 1/4th lean proteins, and balance half of high fibrous vegetables & fruits.

Expert guidelines by ADA

“Eating by the plate model” allows you to eat pretty much the same food you had always eaten, although in smaller proportions and accompanied by non-starchy vegetables.

After the plates are filled with delicious veggies and proteins, it is important to manage the portions, to keep the blood glucose levels and obesity in control.

To reap maximum benefits of eating by this method, one must choose according to the glycaemic counts and nutritive values. For example, proteins such as grilled fish, grilled prawns, grilled chicken, cottage cheese, tofu, and soya are better choices than any red meats. (Click on the link hereunder to check out the glycaemic counts of different foods items).

This system of eating is enormously beneficial as it enhances blood glucose level control, lesser food cravings and weight reduction. Remember, one must consult their physician or dietician before following the plate model to see if it is right for you.

Desserts: ADA advocates small portion of dessert can be consumed, but checking out glycaemic levels with your dietician is advisable before indulging into sweet desserts and bakery products. One can also skip portions of carbs to balance out eating desserts.

Alcohol: Drink in moderation. To prevent low blood glucose levels (hypoglycaemia), avoid drinking on an empty stomach. It’s advisable not to consume soda and sugar based mixes that effectively raise your glucose quotient.

PARTYING TIPS: Last but not the least take your medications on time, and avoid starving before the party to save yourself from overeating and hunger pangs.

Bon Apetit!


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