6 Ways to Avoid a Backache

Here are 6 Ways to Avoid a Backache suggested by Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma. A sedentary lifestyle can often lead to backache if the right posture is not maintained.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma (Director and Clinical Lead-Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement, & Spine Surgery (North Region) Narayana, Gurgaon, & Delhi) provides certain thumb-rules to avoid backache. Ideally, the right posture for your back is one where your head is resting on your shoulders, your back is straight, and your body weight centered. However, this posture is rarely followed because every person has their own distinct characteristic posture. Considering this he outlines certain rules to follow while sitting:-

  • If an individual is driving or sitting at a table, they should pull their chair closer and reduce the distance between them and the steering wheel or the table
  • The seat of your chair should be low so that your knee and hip are levelled. Ideally, the slant of your thigh should be such that the knee is slightly above the hip. This will automatically prevent slouching and correct the lumbar lordosis of the spine. In case you cannot lower your seat, keep a step beneath your feet.
  • Have your feet planted on the ground
  • Apart from this, Dr. Rajesh recommends being conscious of your posture even while lying down. He advises people suffering from backache to lie on their side with their knees bent. If you are comfortable lying on your back, then keep a pillow underneath your knees.
  • Lastly, avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  • He also proposes standing up every 45 minutes to walk around for a minute or two to relax your back.


For further details please watch this video.

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