Does your child seem unhappy ?

Does your child seem unhappy ? Dr. Harish Shetty (Psychiatrist, MD – Psychiatry, MBBS) believes that for the prevention of stress and depression, children need four things:

  • Emotional safety ensures children that no matter what they do, their parents will not reject them
  • Trust
  • Respect and
  • Love

He states that if the children come to the parents saying that their heart is beating fast and they are not sure what is happening to them, then it is important to alleviate their fears with scientific facts. He states that parents usually make two mistakes while explaining things to their children: they either say things aggressively or at a very relaxed pace. Instead, find a balance. If parents themselves are anxious, then they first have to reduce their anxiety by speaking to their friends, for example and then speaking to their children when they are more relaxed.

Secondly, emotional reassurance is essential. Involve children in different activities such as singing or playing together and learn how to laugh at yourself as these will all help them feel strong. Regardless of this, if the child is unable to sleep or feels scared, or if they cannot concentrate on their studies, then seek the advice of a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Additionally, parents are often seen to do things before time by scaring children with worries about the future. They need not worry about college when their 10th-grade examinations are yet to be conducted. This pressure is harmful to their mental health.

Finally, in challenging times such as the lockdown, find the right balance to use gadgets. Lock all the gadgets in a drawer by 10 PM and sleep early. Sleep deprivation is worse for mental health than insomnia. However, along with this, give time to children to speak to their friends over video calls.


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