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Covid-19: Is having ‘Kadha’ good for immunity ?

Covid-19: Diet Tips by Prof. Dr. Mohsin Wali
Prof. Dr. Mohsin Wali (Padmashree, Senior Consultant Medicine – Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Former Physician to three Former President) sheds light on the kind of diet for a Covid-19 patient for a healthy and safe body.
He states that fresh air is essential for healthy immunity and everything else follows. He adds that the Ministry of AYUSH had recommended combining some ingredients including ashwagandha, kalonji, haldi (turmeric), and some dalchini (cinnamon) for a drink. However, overconsumption of this is counterproductive. He explains that you cannot boost your immunity; you can only augment it. Prof. Dr. Mohsin Wali recommends the following things for augmenting the immunity:-
Get peaceful and adequate sleep
Be free from stress
Eat simple foods that include ingredients recommended by the Ministry of AYUSH
Eat dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts in moderate quantities
Abstain from smoking and alcohol and refrain from drinking a lot of tea
Include mushrooms in your diet as they are highly beneficial
Gargle to keep your throat clear and sanitized
He recommends maintaining a simple diet and drinking soups for Covid-19 patients who don’t feel like eating. Additionally, it is important to keep your stomach cool. Finally, Prof. Dr. Mohsin Wali states that indulging in iced cold drinks can cause a lot of damage and so these must be avoided regardless of whether you are Covid-19 positive or not.

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