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First Aid

First aid is imperative at the sight of a medical emergency. Here we bring to your knowledge some easy
yet essential first aid methods, which are essential to know. These tips and tricks not only help you to
handle an emergency first handedly, but at times can also save lives of your loved ones.

First Aid for Animal Bites and Stings

Not all bites or stings are the same. You will need different first aid treatment and medical care
depending on what type of creature has bitten or stung you.

First Aid for Minor Emergencies

Learn the basic steps and treatment methods that you can initiate yourself to treat minor medical
emergencies. These simple first aid methods are pivotal in suppressing these minor emergencies at an early stage.

First Aid for Major Emergencies

Major emergencies if not treated well in time can even lead to death. Here we bring you some early
measures which can save lives even before one reaches a hospital.

Medical Situations and Self Care

Following a medical condition aids in faster and easy recovery. Let’s understand some very basic yet
essential self care measures, which are critical in dealing with a medical condition.